When you need to build structures on the farm, make sure you try and use whatever left over materials you have left. We built a wash bay / cross tie area out of excess materials we had on the farm, and it turned out great!

One thing I absolutely loved that my horse’s trainer has is a cross tie bay and a separate concreted wash bay. When Moose came back from training I wanted to replicate, as much as I could, the things his trainer had so he didn’t feel so weird or strange coming home and those things weren’t there. Cross tie areas are excellent to have on a farm anyway as they allow you to tie down your horse for any number of reasons, including vet and farrier visits. I find it most useful for tacking and just getting him used to being still and practicing being still in positive situations. It helps with his development.

So it didn’t take long for me to find an easy DIY project on Pinterest and decide it was a ‘quick’ project my husband and I could do. In retrospect it was, we just did it later than we had initially planned and so the whole process felt rushed. But in essence, it really only takes a couple days and that’s a stretch as well as we didn’t use quick set concrete.

So, all you need really is 4 posts and 2 rails, some hooks to tie lead ropes onto and some concrete. We did ours at 3m x 2.5m. It’s enough to turn a big horse around (Moose is 16.2hh) and also tie him down to one or both sides, in either direction. We attached twist screws on with circular loops at the end to hook lead ropes or bungee cords to. On the neighbor side, which is his most sensitive (as he reacts to shadows currently), we will put another lead rope across to tie across him and use that side as the wash side as it angles down that way anyway for water flow.

The only thing left to do for this project is to either pave or box it in. This area tends to hold moisture for long periods of time and especially in the wet season. So once my husband is back on deck and feeling better then we will look at an option to seal the base.

So far both Moose and I absolutely love the space. A few things I may add is a bracket to hook a bucket onto with his grooming brushes and things I need to carry back and forth from the tack shed. We have a water tank right by it which will be useful in summer to wash him down, so probably some kind of hook system to attach a hose to eventually.

Moose in his new wash bay/cross tie bay
My husband adding final touches!

What do you think? Do we need to add anything further to the cross tie/wash bay area? I was thinking maybe we could extend the roof of the shed and add a few more water tanks to catch water, but I don’t know if that’s feasible yet. So, if you’re interested to see what else we do around the farm, make sure to keep reading and link in with our socials. We update regularly on the progress of our projects. You can also subscribe to our blog to make sure you get all the round-ups and updates first!