Monthly vision boards – the key to short term goal setting

Ever thought of using a vision board in homesteading? It’s the perfect way to set small goals and scope project ideas!

I don’t know where exactly I read this, other than it was recently and I thought it was a great idea.

People often use vision boards to help with anything from goal setting to positivity and things like manifesting. As a homesteader, I use vision boards personally for short term goal setting or scoping projects.

So I decided I would try the idea on my Pinterest profile. I’ve made a June ‘21 vision board to get started and to represent a bit of me and how I’m feeling, or what I want to change, or projects that I’d like to start or need inspiration for.

I think the benefit of a monthly vision board is that it isn’t fixed and if developed as a good habit, may actually inspire you to make a concerted effort to tick off things that you may be procrastinating in doing. I tend to not be a dweller and am very good at prioritising things as needed in terms of importance so for me the idea of simply pinning something to the next month is a quick and easy way to manage your vision board.

The other thing I noticed was the option to set personal notes. For a vision board this is a fantastic idea because it allows you to leave yourself reminders for what you plan on doing with that pinned item. This works especially well when you decide to move the pinned item to the next month or expand on the project where that item may just be a small element.

Vision boards in homesteading are great tools when planning work and projects around the farm. It’s an excellent visual motivator which also gives you the space to have a bit of fun and get creative with ideas you’re thinking about. While the psychological and scientific community are neither for or against, with studies still needing to be done on the effectiveness of visualisation, the use of a vision board doesn’t need to be prescriptive.

To check out what I’m doing on Pinterest and to see my first vision board, go to!

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