Weekend roundup – end 5 June 2021

A round-up of the week’s happenings. Sometimes it feels like we’re so busy but haven’t done much at all. That was definitely the sentiment this week. Read on to see what we were doing.

It’s been a really long and challenging week.

It started with my husband having reconstructive knee and ACL surgery. He went in on Monday morning and I picked him up Tuesday. There’s been all arrays of pain and probiotics and pillow prodding to try and keep him comfortable. Unfortunately, it’s also one of those surgeries that needs a lot of time to heal, so I anticipate only when he starts being mobile will some of this immediate pain start to dissipate.

During the week, we had the normal work around the homestead. Gardening, tidying, doing fire wood. I haven’t been able to finish all the tasks as I also returned to work (after a brief week off for husband’s surgery), so it has definitely been a juggling act and always looking at what takes priority. Unfortunately, some inside tasks remain untouched, as do some outside tasks. Again, I think his mobility will have a much bigger impact on how much time I can redirect to other work.

I managed to get a ride and some lunging in over the weekend, and made a temporary fence for Moose to eat some grass. I also took down two trees! I dare say though that the temp paddock he is in now will quickly get eaten so I think I’ll be out there tomorrow to make a new one!

And now with the new week starting, I’ve got mentee meetings and reviews for my mentees. Some are applying new jobs and writing responses to key selection criteria. I’ve also got work reviews coming up for some of my work items and they can be lengthy, so I have a feeling the next few weeks will be 10hr work days and then on top of that all the other tasks.

It really makes a difference when there is more than one person working on a homestead!

This week will also bring a cold snap with the weather and there’s even snow anticipated near the border! I was going to plant some of my seedlings but I am worried they might die out. So, I’ve opted to keep them inside instead and wait a little bit longer.

And other than that, I have a few more posts planned for release this week. All of this is dependent on what happens with my timing with other things this week.

If you’re interested in seeing what else we do around the farm, make sure to keep reading and link in with our socials. We update regularly on the progress of our projects. You can also subscribe to our blog to make sure you get all the round-ups and updates first!

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