Weekly round-up 13 June 2021

Another fantastic end to the week. With multiple small projects getting finished, I was able to whip up a new recipe for the cache and get a lovely afternoon ride in.

It’s been a busy weekend! I decided to take an extra day this week because everything just caught up with me. With my husband offline for a significant amount of time to recover from reconstructive knee surgery, all the chores, inside and out, plus his care, is on me.

To say I’ve been stressed out and pulled to all sides is an understatement. And sometimes you just need to stop and regroup and make a solid plan to get things done.

This weekend I managed to tick off quite a few small-ish jobs.

On Friday afternoon I had two bales of hay delivered and ended up in an impromptu human versus horse argument. To read more on that go to this post. But I also managed to get the tack room cleared and some hooks put up for tack. I’d like to get some kind of shelf installed if I can but I’ll see what I have around the farm to repurpose.

On Saturday I cleared about 40 small trees, chopped them down and separated the mulching/log pile and burn piles. I made a temp paddock for Moose and spent some time in there with him just getting used to the stimuli. Both neighbours happened to be out when we were and were on the tools, so it was interesting to be there with him to work him through. He did really well, with no startles or spooks!

On Sunday I cleared the left over cut wood from the arena project and stacked it to dry. I also managed to move 5 2x2m piles around the place from additional clearing and picking up I did on Friday and moved it to where we’re going to burn it. Not seen in the pictures, but I also had to change some hose which burst and made using the sprayer lose pressure; though I now see further on down the hose line in a new connection that there’s another section with a hole, so I’ll have to get that fixed too.

I went for an afternoon ride on Sunday and managed to get some inside work and a big batch of meal prep done as well. We have a new fave in our stir fry cache in the form of a totally gluten free Hoisin and garlic stir fry! Recipe is posted here. I’m so happy I found this base. To be honest Asian food is probably the only thing I won’t make from scratch – I do source sauces and the like as is. We don’t eat a lot of it and I’m allergic to wheat/yeast/soy and so basically any Asian style food is a no go for me because it has soy, and soy has wheat in it as well. But this sauce base has a gluten free soy sauce so I thought I’d test it out. So far, no issues on the tummy and it gives us an alternative to sweet chilli all the time.

Next week we have some medical appointments for my husband and I’m still having to work my day job. But the weekend holds hopefully some more small projects we can tick off, such as doing the burn off and getting some fencing delivered. We’ve decided we want to split the front and the back of our place by just fencing from the house yard to the external fence. It lets us have two huge paddocks for Moose and also ensures we can manage the pasture growth better.

I’d also like to get back to my veggie garden and try some more seedlings. My current ones are not working, and I don’t know what the issue is. But I need to finish the garden to get something in there.

All in all, I feel it’s been a very productive few days! I’m now going to go and make some chamomile tea with some fresh local honey I got from the neighbour.

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