Weekly round-up 20 June 2021

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A sombering end to the week. Lots of lessons learnt, and small failures on my part as a human which impacted nothing but my ego. Lots of recipes and food prep, and positive news in my husbands recovery.

Another busy week on the homestead.

But I wish I could tell you we got to achieve more than we did. Unfortunately, sometimes it just happens that way.

In terms of husband and his recover though, that is going well. He had his surgeon follow-up and he said the swelling has gone down and he’s happy for how the leg looks 2 weeks post surgery. He was allowed to commence physio this week, so he had the first session of that too. Hopefully, his recovery will be full steam ahead now!

For me, I am starting my trial for a flexible work week. In order to gain a day, I have to work extra over 4 days, which I think should work fine. I still get to work from home 3 days, but do need to go into the office for one day. I think this is a waste of time as nobody in my team is in my state. I literally sit alone. But, this is the bureaucracy I deal with. I’ve proven, as have all of us in this team, that we can work from home indefinitely, yet the department we work for is still run by 60+ year old men who refuse to be progressive and want us all to live by their rules because, ‘that’s how they had to’. The day I leave the rat race and don’t work for the government any longer will be one of the most memorable and best days of my life. I cannot wait.

This week I did spend a lot of time cooking up some things for the freezer and I also posted recipes. I’ve been making a list of all the foods I want to do recipes on, and I know it will save me time later when I can tick off that post as completed. These are the ones I did this week:

I also did a few posts on food preservation as I prepared to bottle and fridge my sauerkraut. I still have two almost full cabbage in the fridge to do so I thought it was timely to do a quick write up on some of the best vegetables for canning and pickling and also, introduced the concept of starting a grocery stockpile. Currently in Australia, the Kappa and Delta variants of covid-19 are onshore, and in the news this morning, there was 1 new community transmission case in QLD. What that means is that I personally think it’ll be inevitable that there may come a time for another lockdown, and this will be a timely reminder to get some of those longer term storage items you may need ready to go. Here are those two posts for your reading pleasure:

In horsemanship this week, I managed to fail as my horses lead mare, pretty spectacularly too. In fact, I am still sore and sensitive about it. But if you haven’t read on my thoughts yet about giving a horse a voice, then you can find that post below:

Lastly, I also wrote about ways I have simplified my life since I started my homesteading journey, and ways that I am looking forward to doing even more when we finally move out to our bigger farm and I show corporate Australia the finger!

I’ve said it many times, but homesteading is an ideology, and a way of life. And everybody adds their own flavour to it. Some people do it off grid, some do it for emergency preparedness, some do it out of necessity – regardless of how you homestead, you are still contributing to the ideology and helping it grow and showing people that simplicity can still be achieved in such a globalised and connected world.

If you’re interested in seeing what else we do around the farm, make sure to keep reading and link in with our socials. We update regularly on the progress of our projects. You can also subscribe to our blog to make sure you get all the round-ups and updates first!

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