Homesteading as artistic expression and lifestyle philosophy

Ever since I’ve been a homesteader, I’ve had conversations with friends and family about why I did what I did. Why we moved out into the bush, why we live on a farmlet, why we have chickens when we can buy eggs from the supermarket, why we’re not connected to town water or sewerage, why we have water tanks, how do we gather water, why, oh why, oh why….why do we live the way we live?

So you want to be self sufficient – what does it mean and how do you start?

If you’ve been thinking about taking that idealistic step away from the mainstream and moving towards self-sufficiency, then you’re not alone. It’s a term we’ve heard a lot more this past year and a bit, and has become a lot more mainstream itself. So how realistic is it these days? With a cultural shift evolving and lots of us re-evaluating and changing priorities, we seem to be gleefully stepping further and further away, or so it seems, from the benefits of modern life.