A Day In the Life – Winter weekday version

Want to know how we manage a full day of farm jobs and IRL work? Then read on for our winter weekday Day in the life schedule!

I always enjoy reading these kinds of posts from other bloggers that I follow, so I thought I’d share a little peek at what a typical day in the life looks like right now. I’ve had this post drafted for a few weeks and thought I better publish it before my typical day changes too much!

I work 4 days a week in my IRL job, 3 of those from home. I’ve only recently moved to this working schedule and so far I am loving it. I analyse large volumes of data during my day job, so I have now structed my work week so that when I am required to go into the office, I do more of those admin type tasks, have any office based meetings, do training modules etc. That way, I can have an uninterrupted 30 hours per week focusing on analysis and major work that I do where my concentration is needed most when I am at home.

While I could certainly stand to have more work time, I’m choosing not to in order to get a better work life balance. The ultimate goal is to eventually work from home full-time, to be blogging full-time, working on the farm and running my soapery business. But until that happens and I am either a) not working my current corporate job, or b) have moved to the farm but am permitted to WFH FT, then this is the compromise I am dealing with. Of course, with this delta outbreak in Sydney now travelling to QLD and VIC, as of this morning, we may even see another lockdown looming (of which I AM HOPING FOR!)

So this peek at my day is not on a work day, per se, but it is a combined day in the life of farm work and IRL job that I manage 4 days a week.

6:30-7:00am – On my WFH days, I set my alarm for 0630. It’s enough time to get up, make a coffee, and feed the fur babies. Once I’ve done that, I have about 10 mins to spare before logging on, during which I quickly read the news and check social media. I also set my iphone to do not disturb at 0630 hours every day, so I get any overnight notifications at this time.

If this is an office day, I am in the office by 0700, and gotten up at 0430 to make the trek in. Thankfully now it’s only once per week, but it is a 1 to 1.5 hr drive into work when I am required to go.

If this is a weekend day, then still getting up at this time because the animals wake us up because they’re hungry. But instead of launching into work, we have a coffee, make a plan for the day, and then head out.

7:00-0730am Log on to work. Fill out time sheet. Read any emails that have come in overnight. Check my calendar for any meetings or telecons.

0730-8:30am 1 hour of Codecademy learning. I am required to use SQL in my job and prior to coming in to this role I had no knowledge of it. I am now probably an intermediate user I’d say, but very specific to my role. I wrote a proposal to my supervisor which was supported by our Director, and we got paid a 12-month access to Codecademy for learning and education purposes. I schedule an hour every day for training in this system and am hoping to also learn some other languages, such as Python.

8:30-noon IRL work. This is mixed with breaks in between to take Moose’s rug off, prepare his hard feed, and let him out into the paddock.

12-12:30pm Lunch break. Go outside to hang out with Moose.

12:30 – 15:30pm IRL work. This is mixed in with breaks to start dinner off if we aren’t having leftovers or something from the freezer, do a load of dishes, do a load of laundry, etc.

15:30 – 17:00pm Poo pick-up, Moose walk or lunging, rug up, dinner time. Mischa dinner. Still working at this time but the day has started tapering off so not much urgent to focus on which gives me the time to do other things.

17:00-17:30pm Log off IRL job

17:30-18:00pm Consider having dinner. Depends on if we have other jobs to finish off, we usually are finishing and coming into the house.

18:00-21:00pm Writing blog posts, scheduling social media posts, preparing graphics for Pinterest and Instagram, catching up on our favourite shows, reviewing emails, reviewing blog and social media comments and responding, paying bills and in general, unwinding after an intense day.

While my life is the busiest it’s ever been, I’m also happier and more fulfilled than ever before. Again, once I am able to WFH FT, or, have fully transitioned to full-time blogging and my soap business then I will be sooooooooo much happier. I then don’t have strict requirements for certain times of my day, like I do now. And I have more time to spread projects out to.

If you’re interested in seeing what else we do around the farm, make sure to keep reading and link in with our socials. We update regularly on the progress of our projects. You can also subscribe to our blog to make sure you get all the round-ups and updates first!

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