Milo’s Farm is now on YouTube!

We now have a YouTube channel focusing on homesteading in Australia!

I decided to be brave and take the plunge. I started a YouTube channel some time ago for my artisan soap business but must admit wasn’t entirely excited about just filming soap tutorials.

I wanted to do something a bit more and also, something that could further explain some of the things I was writing about in the blog. I decided after some thought, to change the soaping tutorial channel to a homesteading vlog style channel instead.

Because the soap studio is run off the farm, I will still include the occasional soap tutorial or ‘making of’ video when I make the soap, but don’t want it to be entirely focused on that. We do a lot of things in our day to day – different DIY projects and have so many fun experiences on the farm. I also wanted to be able to connect with family in different states and countries who can keep connected with my husband and I during this difficult time and just get some joy in seeing our faces as we go about our lives.

So here it is for you in all its glory, the first episode of the Life on Milo’s Farm homesteading vlog. Enjoy!

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