Year: 2021

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3 tips for time management & my homestead schedule

When you live on a homestead and have a full schedule to run, especially a seasonal schedule or one where there are animals involved, time management is one of your best friends. It is especially important if you are still working full-time offsite, or even now due to covid, working from home where you may have meetings or other appointments scheduled throughout the day. To learn about my top 3 time management tips and my current homesteading schedule, read on!

#Blog #Horsemanship

Horsemanship: the fear you should listen to and the fear you shouldn’t

Full disclosure, that heading/quote was totally stolen from Warwick Schiller. And for good reason. I’ve outlined a few times in my stories on my horsemanship journey that I’m kinda doing it on my own. Along the way, people who knew well in advance and people who emphatically offered to help decided last minute they didn’t want to anymore. Regardless of why, I’ve been navigating horsemanship and my own fear and anxiety surrounding my experience collaboratively. This post tells the story.

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Natural ways to protect your garden and keep it pest-free

As gardeners become more and more aware of the potential dangers of exposure to synthetic chemical pesticides, many of us want to skip the sprays altogether and turn to alternative methods instead. There are a few simple ways to keep on top of managing your garden and ensuring you are providing the best maintenance you can without having to resort to harsh chemicals. In this post, I list some of the ways you can incorporate different activities to maintain your garden and keep it disease and pest free for longer!

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No-knead country bread


Having a basic dough recipes up your sleeve is a must for any homesteader. And having a no-knead recipe is even better. In this post, I share my basic no-knead dough recipe and method for an amazing artisan loaf that you’ll make time and time again!

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Introversion, stay-at-home orders and homesteading – where a natural nexus aligns

When you live on a homestead, you already choose to subscribe to lifestyle ideologies that are sometimes outside the norm. We choose to live further away from supermarkets and stores, we choose to live on properties not connected to town water or sewerage, we choose to manage and build stockpiles of groceries, we choose to have distance between us and the community, we choose a lot of things that may seem as if they’re on the fringe, but they’re not really. And its moments like these where things like community lockdowns and stay-at-home orders do not impact us negatively.