How to use Google trends and SEO to write the best social content

So far in this series, I’ve already introduced you to numerous social media ideas and strategies about growing your profile, developing a brand and engaging with people in your niche. All of these articles took us into the crux of the best and most effective ways to use social media for our homestead brand and business development. This post is going to take us into the world of Google Trends and SEO, and teach you how to use them to promote your content, develop organic growth and better connections.

10 ways to promote your homestead on the Internet

How much of your homesteading life you put on social media is entirely up to you. We live in the age where social media is no longer new but the standardised ways in which we communicate, learn, inform and pass information. Social media is one of the most important tools in your homesteading kit, and I’ll tell you why. This post is part of a short series on how to best utilise social media to promote your homesteading business and brand.

Easy Apple Pie (with puff pastry!)

Sometimes you want dessert, and not only do you want dessert you want it to be easy. After using up most of the large pack of puff pastry, I had a sheet and a half left and knew I wanted to do something with it. My co-op box had some beautiful pears and apples from Stanthorpe so I figured it would be nice to whip up a pie. So I did. And it was glorious.

If you want a simple and easy pie recipe that won’t break the bank (but will settle the craving!) then this pie is for you!

A beginner’s guide to growing a productive kitchen garden (potager garden)

Kitchen gardens, also known as potager gardens are smaller style plots that follow principles of garden design to create an area that is ornamental and productive. This type of garden grows seasonal produce and flowers and has a flow to it that is different from a garden with ruler straight rows and unsightly muddy walkways. This post will introduce the concept of the potager garden and why it can be beneficial on your homestead.