Weekly round-up 14 August 2022

In this weekly round-up we battle with covid which finally made its way to the farm.

It’s hard to do a weekly round-up post when you can hardly sit at the computer without shivering or coughing up your guts. And what an absolutely wild ride it has been. Covid-19 finally made its way to Milo’s Farm and we are still feeling it.

The corona finally made its way to the farm

After what feels like the longest week ever, I can safely say I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s bordering on slightly over a solid week of being sick with coronavirus. The best thing about it is each day you get a new symptom, and for me they didn’t compound so I didn’t necessarily experience 3 or 4 bad symptoms all at once.

First it was the cold and shivers, then it was the body aches and lethargy. But each thing only lasted a day or two before the next symptom came up. If it were the case that it kept piling them on top of each other, I would’ve felt much worse.

All in all, whilst it was bad, it wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. I only reached for my asthma medicine on Thursday after being so congested I was sleeping with my mouth wide open and snoring like a freight train. And because each symptom came and went independently, I was able to deal with each symptom in segments as opposed to one heaving mass.

It was the same as influenza A for me, which I have had a few times. And I am thankful this is the version of it I got.

Serge got sick abut 3 days after me so he is trailing a little bit when it comes to getting better and recovery, but not by much. He is having significantly worse coughing spats and trying to get the phlegm out. Poor guy has almost ripped his throat up from the coughing and heaving.

But, we are getting better. I’m glad it’s finally over and done with and we can move on. All that fear mongering and panic was for nothing.

Making sausages

At the beginning of the week, when my sick was the worst and when Serge’s wasn’t on the cards yet, he managed to make sausages with my dad who is visiting after 3 years of not seeing them due to covid.

What an unfortunate and ironic series of events that he finally has the time and freedom to travel here and then I get sick with covid immediately the next day after his arrival.

Because of that I was unable to help with the sausages but I have done them before. Serge was next in line to help make the sausages and it was probably good anyway for him to learn the process and see what was required. At least now we’ve both been through the motions so we can make it together next time around.

We bought about 12kg of meat for this first batch, and had some intestines left from last time. Next time we will do roughly the same – get used to working a 10kg batch before making it bigger.

Sausages gives us extra meat for the stockpile and is something we can make ourselves with a little elbow grease and ingenuity. It also gives us much cleaner meat than anything you can buy from the store as it has no fillers and no bad ingredients.

Other than that there is little much else to report on for the round-up, not because we didn’t want to do anything but we simply couldn’t. Being sick wiped us both out and just meant we needed to take a step back. There is nothing harder than being sick and still needing to keep things going on a homestead. We took turns feeding the dogs and Moose, but I was still saddled with making all meals, cleaning, vacuuming, washing up and washing clothes.

Can’t say it was the best time nor the easiest time, but once again I got through it.

Fingers crossed next week there is much less sick to report on.

Until next time!

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