5 amazing Amazon kitchen essentials for your homestead kitchen!

5 amazing Amazon kitchen essentials for your homestead kitchen

5 amazing Amazon kitchen essentials you need for your homestead kitchen! Never lose that bacon grease again!

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I love shopping on Amazon because I have Prime and Prime gets us a bunch of amazing benefits, including free international postage and shipping. We even buy our batteries there because it’s quicker than going to the store and I can buy in bulk!

Amazon Australia may not be as extensive as the US, but I’ve found that with the Prime benefit I can shop from the US shop with the same ease. The only issue is that the prices can be a little higher, but not by much and especially when it’s something you can’t find here.

For example, the milk jug referred to in this post was not available in that shape in Australia. Because I do a regular shop from Amazon for essentials – anything from bulk packs of dishwashing liquid or toilet paper – I have an Amazon parcel arriving at least fortnightly in most cases so I will always qualify for the free Prime International shipping.

It made sense then to just add the milk jug in until I was ready to pay, and it would arrive pretty quickly. In fact, I find most times Amazon packages are arriving quicker than Australia Post. Go figure.

So, in the spirit of sharing, here are my Amazon kitchen essentials finds that I’m loving + have made our lives easier lately!

Amazing Amazon kitchen must haves!

The Dairy Shoppe 2QT heavy duty glass milk jug

A durable 2 qt milk bottle weighing just over 2 lbs (holds about 1.8litre for us metric users!) and measures 4-3/4″ W X 3-3/4″ D X 10-1/4″ H. Refillable glass milk bottles bring us all back to a time when life was simpler. Today those who choose to bottle in glass bring back those feelings of yesterday when a person’s word was just that. The milk man would drop off your bottles at the door so you would have fresh milk for breakfast.

amazing amazon kitchen finds

Many dairies are doing just that. In a world where fast just keeps getting faster the milk bottle takes us back to the good old days with freshest products of the highest quality. The way it should be.

I absolutely LOVE this milk jug. I know in the scheme of things it’s just a heavy-duty glass jar, but it gives me so much joy to use it. It’s not only aesthetically pleasing but sits perfectly in the fridge without taking too much room. Being glass it is environmentally friendly and reusable, so I feel better using it. I only wish I had a dairy I was getting raw milk from because that then would be much more eco-friendly than having to buy it in store and transfer it.

I only wish I got the double pack deal on Amazon so I had one for fresh orange juice…

KneadAce Bowl Lift Mixer Dough Shield for Kitchenaid

WHAT DO YOU GET WHEN YOU MIX AN INDUSTRIAL DESIGNER WITH A PASSION FOR BAKING? You get the ultimate, innovative, patent pending for kitchenaid mixer cover accessory that stops your dough from clogging your mixer and making the best, quickest, most delectable bread ever!

Anyone who has ever used a dough hook knows that deep frustration caused by the dough slowly but surely making its way up the kneading hook until it slithers into the mixer body. At this point, there is no choice but to stop the whole process and clean away valuable dough from the mixer.

If you’re like most of us, you’ve tried adapting your recipe to attempt to stop the dreaded migration of your dough, usually without success and generally ruining the end product.

I saw this product referred to from one of the sourdough profiles I follow on Instagram. It was an instant Add-To-Cart for me. There is nothing that can irritate a baker more than being in the whirlwind of baking with flour and tools and bowls flying everywhere, and you turn to your mixer and see the dough has started climbing like a vine.

This is easy to use and clean, stores away neatly as it isn’t cumbersome, and is such a simple solution to an annoying problem. It’s one of those, “I didn’t think I needed this until I had it” tools!

Ceramic Bacon Grease Container with Strainer

This grease container is brilliant.

“But,” I hear you saying, “It’s just a small crock with a strainer.”

YES! Yes it is!

How many times have you made bacon or something a little fattier and it leaves a ton of oil in the bottom of your pan? And how many times have you just stood there deciding whether to pour it off into something heat proof or letting it cool to scrape it out?

Sure, you can do both. Have stray bowls on the counter or glass jars with mismatched lids you pour into.


There is something very pleasing about having a dedicated little crock pot that takes all the oil and puts it into a container for you to use at a later time. It has a lid so flies and bugs won’t go into it, and it can sit in the fridge or on your bench top – depending on how often you’d be using it.

The product weighs just under half a kg (482g) so I reckon it’d hold about 350-450g of oil, depending on whether you remove the stainless steel tray. I never have that much sitting in there as I use my fats often, but if I let it get that high I will weight it out and report back.

This particular brand does 3 colours, Turquoise, Navy and White. I’d love it if they did other colours. Red, Green and Yellow would also be amazing.

Enamel Bacon Grease Container with Strainer – 38oz/1kg

If you are looking for a grease container that is much larger in size and slightly better priced, this enamel one is fantastic.

I recently purchased this some rendered tallow I did up and it works a treat. I keep this one in the fridge as I use the fats from the blue one first. This one stores my excess.

And I dont know about you but I never have THAT much fat needed in cooking. So I’d rather have this larger one sitting in the fridge and the smaller one on the benchtop.

This one comes in red or blue with matching enamel utensil holders if you’re trying to go for something more aesthetic for your kitchen.

24pcs Glass Spice Jars with shakers and tools

With our move back to the country cottage we have much less space than the other place. Our cupbaords and pantry are a third of what we had, so all those big jars I had for bulk storing of food will have to be put aside until our barn is built.

I needed to find a cohesive use for some of the spices I use often. I had them stored in used salsa containers but saw that I may have had a few tablespoons of herb/spice left but was using a 300ml jar to store it in.

spice jars

These misshapen and odd sied jars took up precious real estate in the pantry, and my solution was to try and find a uniform size that was much smaller to transfer them into.

I found these spice jars that came with shaker lids, stickers, a pen and a funnel. They work brilliantly. They can be stored in any standard sized spice rack, but I just keep them in a small shelf where my mugs are as they’re in the kitchen for easy use.

Our kitchen is tiny so using the space we have in the best way possible is something in my mind all the time. Especially because I have a lot of things to use and work through and no space to store it yet.

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