This blog is a reflection of my life and my musings as I traverse a life of homesteading in Australia.

We moved to country living in 2011. Since then we have learnt so much about living on a property and what is required to manage a homestead. We are childless, but living in the bush and on property really is a great place for kids to grow up, and even moreso, for adults to have space away from the hustle and bustle. This is not to say that there aren’t some challenges, but challenges do arise and they are often fun and interesting to solve. There is so much to say about living on a farmlet, and here is where I’ll talk about some of the challenges and always about the benefits.

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5 Traits of a Successful Homesteader


You don’t have to have a single ‘farming’ related skill to start homesteading. And many of us sure don’t. But what you do need to have is drive, and the ability to think outside the square and on your feet. So, I’ve come up with a few main traits that you may need as a new homesteader that can help make you successful whatever part of the journey you may be.

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Hugelkultur: how it can kickstart your homestead gardening and accomplish productivity


Hugelkultur is a method of raised bed gardening that involves creating a mound out of logs, branches, and other organic materials, which then decompose over time and provide nutrients for the plants. The technique is designed to improve soil fertility, water retention, and plant growth. This post is diving into everything hügelkultur related so you can arm yourself with the best low maintenance options for your garden that are also incredibly beneficial.