This blog is a reflection of my life and my musings as I traverse a life of homesteading in Australia.

We moved to country living in 2011. Since then we have learnt so much about living on a property and what is required to manage a homestead. We are childless, but living in the bush and on property really is a great place for kids to grow up, and even moreso, for adults to have space away from the hustle and bustle. This is not to say that there aren’t some challenges, but challenges do arise and they are often fun and interesting to solve. There is so much to say about living on a farmlet, and here is where I’ll talk about some of the challenges and always about the benefits.

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Why blogging for homesteaders is still relevant


More than ever, we are in environment where news travels almost instantly, and there is a million + 1 unique different perspectives on lots of different topics. As a blogger and content creator, how can you ensure your blog stands the best chance in 2022 and beyond? This post is all about blogging and how and why you should utilise it as part of your marketing strategy.

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How to use Google trends and SEO to write the best social content

So far in this series, I’ve already introduced you to numerous social media ideas and strategies about growing your profile, developing a brand and engaging with people in your niche. All of these articles took us into the crux of the best and most effective ways to use social media for our homestead brand and business development. This post is going to take us into the world of Google Trends and SEO, and teach you how to use them to promote your content, develop organic growth and better connections.