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We are all about old school. I’m mindful of using the word tradition to excess, as it could imply an outmoded way of thinking. That is not true. When I say traditional, I mean the way my parents and grandparents have done, and always I mean food related. Here in the Farmhouse section, we have recipes, home made food, how to guides and tutorials on achieving food nerd heaven. We do a lot of seasonal homemade food like sauerkraut, bacon and sausages and homemade jams and we also do other things, like food preservation, meal prep, and cold pantries.

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Easy Apple Pie (with puff pastry!)


Sometimes you want dessert, and not only do you want dessert you want it to be easy. After using up most of the large pack of puff pastry, I had a sheet and a half left and knew I wanted to do something with it. My co-op box had some beautiful pears and apples from Stanthorpe so I figured it would be nice to whip up a pie. So I did. And it was glorious.

If you want a simple and easy pie recipe that won’t break the bank (but will settle the craving!) then this pie is for you!