Here at Milo’s Farm we are very enthusiastic about our food! We’ve always been avid food nerds, making sure to eat organic and local whenever we can. When the big virus of 2019 hit, I committed to learning more about making a viable home harden. My grandparents on both sides were always avid gardeners out of necessity, and it seems as if the green thumb has come to me through their genes. I have become a very enthusiastic gardener and as a result, have started growing as much of our food as I can. We go through times when we have a glut of vegetables (I’m looking at you pumpkin patch!), and then times when we have none at all.

A beginner's guide to potager gardens
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A beginner’s guide to growing a productive kitchen garden (potager garden)


Kitchen gardens, also known as potager gardens are smaller style plots that follow principles of garden design to create an area that is ornamental and productive. This type of garden grows seasonal produce and flowers and has a flow to it that is different from a garden with ruler straight rows and unsightly muddy walkways. This post will introduce the concept of the potager garden and why it can be beneficial on your homestead.

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Using Biochar as a soil amendment


If you are starting a garden in your backyard or any open area of land, you should know about soil amendments. Making amendments to the soil is a fantastic way to encourage the growth of crops you choose to grow. Before you jump into using biochar as a soil amendment, you need to know more about it and how it works. To learn more about the benefits of using biochar in the garden, read on.

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Square foot gardening mistakes

Are you thinking about starting a square foot garden? Square foot gardening is perfect for those with limited space or are new to gardening and would like to plant many things or get a greater yield from a smaller space. Square foot gardening is incredibly useful for companion planting and management of soil in a smaller space. Learn about some of the square foot gardening mistakes that are made and how to avoid them.