Hugelkultur: how it can kickstart your homestead gardening and accomplish productivity

Hugelkultur is a method of raised bed gardening that involves creating a mound out of logs, branches, and other organic materials, which then decompose over time and provide nutrients for the plants. The technique is designed to improve soil fertility, water retention, and plant growth. This post is diving into everything hügelkultur related so you can arm yourself with the best low maintenance options for your garden that are also incredibly beneficial.

A beginner’s guide to growing a productive kitchen garden (potager garden)

Kitchen gardens, also known as potager gardens are smaller style plots that follow principles of garden design to create an area that is ornamental and productive. This type of garden grows seasonal produce and flowers and has a flow to it that is different from a garden with ruler straight rows and unsightly muddy walkways. This post will introduce the concept of the potager garden and why it can be beneficial on your homestead.