Here at Milo’s Farm we are very enthusiastic about our food! We’ve always been avid food nerds, making sure to eat organic and local whenever we can. When the big virus of 2019 hit, I committed to learning more about making a viable home harden. My grandparents on both sides were always avid gardeners out of necessity, and it seems as if the green thumb has come to me through their genes. I have become a very enthusiastic gardener and as a result, have started growing as much of our food as I can. We go through times when we have a glut of vegetables (I’m looking at you pumpkin patch!), and then times when we have none at all.

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Natural ways to protect your garden and keep it pest-free

As gardeners become more and more aware of the potential dangers of exposure to synthetic chemical pesticides, many of us want to skip the sprays altogether and turn to alternative methods instead. There are a few simple ways to keep on top of managing your garden and ensuring you are providing the best maintenance you can without having to resort to harsh chemicals. In this post, I list some of the ways you can incorporate different activities to maintain your garden and keep it disease and pest free for longer!