When it comes to having a relationship with horses, it’s often times misconstrued as a relationship that needs force or discipline. When in fact, it is entirely the opposite.

I am thankful I found Warwick Schiller when I started my horsemanship journey because it has changed the way I interact with and connect with my horse, and I think personally, it has been for the better.

In horsemanship, I reflect on some of the journey’s I take with my horse when it comes to us forging a deeper and more solid connection as best mates. I am actively learning to really listen and let him communicate, and in turn it is actually helping me with my personal reflections of self. If you’re into the woo woo, then horsemanship will be for you.

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Horsemanship: the fear you should listen to and the fear you shouldn’t

Full disclosure, that heading/quote was totally stolen from Warwick Schiller. And for good reason. I’ve outlined a few times in my stories on my horsemanship journey that I’m kinda doing it on my own. Along the way, people who knew well in advance and people who emphatically offered to help decided last minute they didn’t want to anymore. Regardless of why, I’ve been navigating horsemanship and my own fear and anxiety surrounding my experience collaboratively. This post tells the story.

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Horsemanship – a lesson in energy transference


Lately, my horsemanship journey has been a lot about energy. And I don’t know if that is solely as a result of my active awareness of it, or if it is occurring as part of some kind of awakening and level of understanding I am developing with my horse. When he had his vet shots, it was about energy. And recently, when I wrote about the farrier visit and giving your horse a voice, it was also about energy. This post looks at the way we transfer energy to our horses, and how becoming aware of it levels up our relationship and connection.