Mindful Living

Mindful Living on Milo’s Farm encompasses lots of woo, reflection, self awareness, gratitude, and living with purpose. Living mindfully is about five things: presence, awareness, appreciation, reflection, and action.

It is about taking moments throughout the day to be fully present with our environment and everything within it.

It is about being aware of our individual impact and acknowledging the ripples of each step we take.

It is about appreciating what is around us, including the wondrous and serendipitous moments that brought us into the world.

Mindfulness is about reflection. It’s about appreciating how the past informs the future. It’s thinking about what we hope to get from our brief lives on earth and what we hope to give back to the forces that brought us here.

Finally, it is about action: the steps we take to be present, to internalize our awareness, to voice our appreciation, and to embrace our reflections. Actions are the manifestations of our intentions. We cannot always choose what the world brings to us, but we can always choose how we act in response to it.

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Horsemanship – a lesson in energy transference


Lately, my horsemanship journey has been a lot about energy. And I don’t know if that is solely as a result of my active awareness of it, or if it is occurring as part of some kind of awakening and level of understanding I am developing with my horse. When he had his vet shots, it was about energy. And recently, when I wrote about the farrier visit and giving your horse a voice, it was also about energy. This post looks at the way we transfer energy to our horses, and how becoming aware of it levels up our relationship and connection.

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20 Ultimate Pandemic/Lockdown Survival Tips For Homesteaders


To survive this pandemic and any future inability to move around freely in the future, you’ll need to act smart, use your resources wisely, in order to ensure you have enough for you and your family to make it through the other end. So here I’ve compiled a bit of a list of useful tips you’ll need to survive lockdown, and if you don’t already have these in place, plans and ideas about how you can implement them for the future.

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10 Ways That I’ve Simplified My Life


Simplifying your life and living more mindfully is not something that happens overnight. But there’s lots of things you can do along the way to help you achieve that goal. living mindfully and minimally doesn’t mean you need to subscribe to the whole ideology. But like me, you can take a bit from each lifestyle to make it your own. Read more…