Homestead Soapery

Locally Sourced, Handcrafted, Artisan Soap

Homestead Soapery is an artisan soap and natural skincare business, crafting handmade soaps using traditional methods and natural ingredients, sourced locally where possible.

What We Do

We create handmade artisan soap that is affordable, long lasting, and as fresh and local as possible.

We have recently expanded to natural skincare, and craft body souffle’s, natural deodorant’s, bath soaks and more!

We use essentials oils, clays and locally acquired raw ingredients to make the most luxurious soap, safe for sensitive skin and suitable for everyone in the family!

Why You’ll Love Us

There is never been a better time to stop using commercial soaps and start using handcrafted, artisan soap.

We use organic, natural, non-GMO and non-synthetic raw ingredients in our soaps. This means our soaps are safe for the whole family, sensitive skin types, pets and the environment. Because we have no nasty chemicals in our soap, it is also incredibly safe for people in rural areas that use grey water and septic systems.

  • Small batch
  • Ethical
  • Sustainable
  • Seasonal
  • Low Waste

“Excellent Quality”

Unbelievably good how my skin doesn’t dry out after the wash, nor is it oily. It’s perfect! My skin feels really smooth after!


“Love the ingredients”

As someone with sensitive skin issues, I found the soaps incredibly gentle and soothing on the skin. I had no reactions or itchiness like I get from commercial soap.


“Fantastic quality”

I really love the activated charcoal soap for the face. It’s cleanses gently without getting rid of natural oil. I can’t wait to repurchase!


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