Life on Milo’s Farm Youtube!

Day in the life of an Aussie Homesteader
Garden extension and rendering project
First storm of the season (& our new puppy!)
Road trip to Woodgate Beach
The White House Garden
Making a DIY Budget kitchen island at the beach house
How to be a homesteader and work full-time
First flood of the wet season!
Fencing plans for the homestead
Homestead Soapery went to the market!
Raw feeding, homestead planning and New Year 2022!
Painting the verandah on the homestead and new product for Homestead Soapery
My vlogging tools and cruise in my town
Storm damage at the homestead and new farm gate and fence
Queensland floods 2022 and we welcome a new puppy to the homestead!
Laundry renovation at Milo’s Farm and a visit to our first homestead

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