Introversion, stay-at-home orders and homesteading – where a natural nexus aligns

When you live on a homestead, you already choose to subscribe to lifestyle ideologies that are sometimes outside the norm. We choose to live further away from supermarkets and stores, we choose to live on properties not connected to town water or sewerage, we choose to manage and build stockpiles of groceries, we choose to have distance between us and the community, we choose a lot of things that may seem as if they’re on the fringe, but they’re not really. And its moments like these where things like community lockdowns and stay-at-home orders do not impact us negatively.

20 Ultimate Pandemic/Lockdown Survival Tips For Homesteaders

To survive this pandemic and any future inability to move around freely in the future, you’ll need to act smart, use your resources wisely, in order to ensure you have enough for you and your family to make it through the other end. So here I’ve compiled a bit of a list of useful tips you’ll need to survive lockdown, and if you don’t already have these in place, plans and ideas about how you can implement them for the future.