10 things I stopped spending money on

You don’t have to be a homesteader to be good with your money. And there are many ways to start thinking about ways you spend money you don’t need to. Whatever the case, it isn’t a bad idea to consider your financial position and ways that you have some more money for a rainy day. I also think it ties in well with the other lifestyle ideologies such as self reliance, homesteading, simple living and sustainability and I think it tends to come naturally when any one of these types of lifestyle ideologies becomes more important to you. Read on to find out the 10 things I stopped spending money on.

How to quit your job to be a homesteader

When the March 2020 lock down kicked off around the world and certain world events inhibited us as a society, many people took the opportunity to reevaluate their life and goals and make significant changes. If you’re one of those people still asking those questions, and day dreaming about a different life, then this post will be for you. This post will outline some of the strategies you can implement to quit your job, or life as you currently know it, and move to a homesteading lifestyle.

10 ways to start homesteading now – the ULTIMATE beginner’s list!

You can live on an acre of land and do nothing with it, and you can also live on an acre of land that has a full food garden covered in food and medicinal crops. Whatever it is you have, there are a number of ways you can start homesteading right now – whether or not you’ve just moved out to the country, are seeking relief from that 9-5, or want to go full hog self reliant. Let’s take a look at my top 10 ways to start homesteading now, whether you’ve made the move to your first homestead or are planning on moving onto one.