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We are all about old school. I’m mindful of using the word tradition to excess, as it could imply an outmoded way of thinking. That is not true. When I say traditional, I mean the way my parents and grandparents have done, and always I mean food related. Here in the Farmhouse section, we have recipes, home made food, how to guides and tutorials on achieving food nerd heaven. We do a lot of seasonal homemade food like sauerkraut, bacon and sausages and homemade jams and we also do other things, like food preservation, meal prep, and cold pantries.

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No-knead country bread


Having a basic dough recipes up your sleeve is a must for any homesteader. And having a no-knead recipe is even better. In this post, I share my basic no-knead dough recipe and method for an amazing artisan loaf that you’ll make time and time again!